Designer Business is a team of bookkeeping, accounting, software training, and project management experts. We possess extensive experience working with Studio Designer users nationwide, from startups to esteemed, award-winning interior design firms. Driven by a genuine passion for our work, we ensure outstanding service and dedication.

Angela Roork

CEO and Founder of Designer Business Solutions

Angela Roork isn't just an accountant; she's a strategic partner for interior designers, providing clarity, confidence, and cash flow to help their businesses thrive. Angela has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Stockton University and over three decades of experience in public accounting. Angela was part of a select team invited by Studio Designer in January 2012 to provide ongoing assistance with Live Webinars, Resolving Technical Issues, and Analyzing Financial Statements. Angela's accounting knowledge and expertise in Studio Designer have solidified her reputation as a top-recommended Studio Designer Financial Consultant, referred by both Studio Designer and clients alike. Her proficiency and dedication have made her the preferred choice for those seeking expert financial guidance within the Studio Designer community.

As the founder of Designer Business LLC, Angela has dedicated almost two decades to assisting growing interior designers in managing their finances and increasing their profitability. Her commitment has extended to sharing industry standards, advocating for the importance of accurate, all-in-one project management and accounting software programs, and showcasing her deep understanding of the industry's needs. This is exemplified by Angela's personalized onboarding calls, which are preferred by clients and have been proven to provide invaluable insights over industry standard training classes.

Born and raised with “Jersey spunk,” she moved to the south for 14 years, returning to Rumson, NJ, in 2021 with a dash of “southern love.” She is now leading her team of specialized bookkeepers and accountants who service Interior Designers nationwide, leveraging their deep-rooted expertise to offer unparalleled accounting solutions and software training to the interior design industry.

Angela's firm specializes in bespoke bookkeeping, accounting, and Studio Designer software training services tailored to address the unique challenges of each client. Holding the distinction of being a Top Rated Studio Designer Financial Consultant, Angela delivers training and support, financial statement analysis, cash flow optimization, and strategic financial planning. She provides indispensable guidance and support, pivotal for achieving success. With Angela's expertise, you can navigate the complexities of financial management with confidence and ease, ensuring your business's growth and sustainability using Studio Designer.


“After I sent my accountant all of our financials he was so impressed with how clear and organized everything was... It made his job easier, which saved me time and money, so I really appreciate everything you did!”

- Bess L.
Dallas, TX