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Angela Roork & Founder of Designer Business Solutions

As the founder of ARoork Designer Business Solutions, Angela Roork has been spending every day for almost ten years helping new and struggling Interior Designers create clarity, confidence, and cash flow in their business. With a bachelor's degree in accounting from Stockton University and over twenty-five years in public accounting, she knows what it takes to manage your money and increase profit for your work. Since she started working with Studio Designer in 2012, her passion for the accounting of interior design has grown into writing a book and advocating the need for an accurate all-in-one project management and accounting software program. Born and raised with “Jersey spunk,” she’s now running Designer Business with a dash of southern love in the Carolinas with her team of bookkeepers who service Interior Designers nationwide. 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 833-432-6657 

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