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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Angela Roork helped me to grow my business over the last five years and has given me the confidence and direction I so badly needed at the time. She gives me yearly pep talks about my next steps and what I need to do to continue to grow and it shows in my numbers. She always goes the extra distance and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and, they get it done on time, and on budget.  Because of her willingness to go beyond the accountant/bookkeeper role, her encouragement to up my standards of practice, I see growth in all areas of my business and personal life.”

- Katie G.
California – Colorado

“Angela Roork helped me get even the smallest details of my accounting buttoned up. As a result, I have experienced levels of organization in my books, that I did not know was possible.  This has given me freedom to focus on the growth of my business rather than small details that devour so much time. I consider Angela an invaluable member of my overall team and would be lost without her. I believe Angela to be uniquely qualified to help Designers structure and run the business side of things with strategic planning and reporting.”

- Molie M.
Sausalito, CA

“We have loved working with Angela Roork over the years. She is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and fun to work with. We consider her a part of our team and rely on her to help us navigate and overcome any challenges we have in several areas of our business. We can’t recommend her enough and would be lost without her. We know that our success relies on the expertise and experience of talented individuals around us which is why we have put our trust Angela.”

- Kari B.
Holladay, UT

“Angela has been a complete game changer for my business.  I feel like I have my own personal accountant.  She is just what I needed to make things run smoothly, I no longer have to worry about my books.  She and her staff are always quick to respond and very patient with all questions.  I could not recommend her enough.  I just wish I had known about her 4 years ago when I started my business!”

- Jennifer J.
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Angela Roork has been instrumental in the growth of our company.  She is always available to discuss any questions or issues and goes the extra distance to do whatever it takes to get the job done; always on time and on budget.  Her team is equally as fantastic and capable; I can't recommend her/them enough. “

Carolina F.
Coral Gables, FL

“Angela is a great problem solver and gets things done. She is always there to help us with any questions we have.  We rely on her expertise as she is kind and easy to work with.”

Kelli J.
Jackson, WY 

“I have really benefitted by the classes you have provided. You are an excellent trainer - patient and very clear.

Den R.
Chicago, IL